Multi-Media 4 Theatre

Since 2002 I have been producing Multi-Media Theatre experiences, performances and installations. While studying at Drama School (1999-2003) I became well versed in scriptwriting and devising processes and began creating my own work.

Facing the question of how to integrate multimedia elements into and in support of physical performance practices is a delicate process.

I created the solo multimedia piece – “The Sham-Man”, in 2002, and in 2003 produced, directed and acted in a multimedia play called “Ikiru”, set at the wake of young irish navvie, and narrated by his uncle. It was written by Avril Heffernan.
 In 2005 I produced, acted in and wrote a soundscaped play called “G.I.Ronimo” about a G.I. trying to get out of the army by becoming obese, directed by Charlotte Allan. We premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival returning to Manchester at Matt & Phred’s Jazz Club. The soundscape was written by Corey McVann who also performed 4 characters in the play.

Multimedia & Isadora

Having created multimedia elements in theatre productions for other theatre groups, including Black & Blue Theatre (Serenade) and Factory Productions (The Colorado Session), I have since studied with the creator of the Isadora software programme, Mark Coniglio, on the Troika Tronix summer school in New York in 2009 as well as in workshops in Liverpool, 2008 and most recently in Berlin at the first international Isadora Werkstatt in July 2016 and August 2019.

This software program enables actors to trigger lighting, visual and audio sequences from the stage, using triggers, switches, sensors and trackers (including use of video cameras and infrared tracking sensors), as well as integrating the performer live into the media sequences and effects, creating myriad possibilities for interactive multimedia performances, VJing and installations.


The next practical and exciting progression is to create a new indoor multi-media theatre piece. That is where Dr. Doctor & The Bird of Paradise comes in. I am excited to be collaborating with fantastic video artist Jaygo Bloom on this project.

Bird of Paradise – Visuals for the Dream Sequence

Past Productions

G.I.Ronimo (2005) by Garth Williams

A disillusioned soldier wants out of the army. He mounts Operation Deep Fill, hoping to fast-track his ticket home. The objective – to get too fat to fight. But what will he do when nominated for a medal? Does the world have room for big fat heroes?

Directed by Charlotte Allan

Performed by Garth Williams and Corey McVann.
With soundscape composed by Corey McVann.

“The actors navigate the script with talent and ease” **** 3 weeks – Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Ikiru (2002) by Avril Heffernan, Garth Williams & Geoff Inwood

Directed & Produced by Garth Williams

A young navvie and his uncle narrate this story of two generations of irish immigrant workers. With tales of Dublin streets and family dramas to horror stories of working in dire circumstances here in England. The play has a Beckett-like take on the work and life experiences of this laurel and hardy duo. The audience come to realise that they haven’t so much seen a play, but actually taken part in a wake.

Performed by Garth Williams and Geoff Inwood.

“The most substantial work of those considered here and a remarkably sustained and intricate achievement.” A Year in the Theatre – Greater Manchester 2002-2003.