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Street Photography

Urban Landscape

My Grandmother Gunda Lambton, herself an Artist, taught me how to develop photographs in a makeshift darkroom using the bathtub. I was 9 years old. Since then I have had a great love of Photography. At high school I was one of two students to have access to a small dark room. This passion has now carried forward into the digital age, and been re-ignited by my study of the moving image and learning to edit video. Apparently studies show we remember in still images. Memory and imagination are also powerfully linked.

I have learnt on the job, working regularly for 4 years as a freelance portrait photographer in studios in Manchester. This gave me a renewed understanding of how to manage a shoot, pose people and make them comfortable, it gave me detailed picture editor training as well as a lot of experience of how to shoot manual fast. We had to shoot 7-8 clients a day, for 50 mins to an hour maximum each, wearing 3+ outfits which we helped them choose, and style after their makeover which would last an hour prior to this, and often having to choose from virtually their entire wardrobe. We had to move fast around a busy studio onto different backgrounds  and sets, adjusting lighting, gels, poses, crops and angles, and create 45-50 sellable shots in under an hour. It was a conveyor belt system, but the team were amazingly talented and I learnt a lot from them, and gave myself the challenge of having a human encounter in the midst of what could be a very alienating experience for them as people and us as their photographers. I have now shot over 1500 people’s portrait sessions. Unfortunately I am not able to share this portfolio of work here as it belonged to the studio and the clients.

I have most recently photographed Manchester University Drama Department Students at work for the university website and printed promotional materials, and shot promotional materials for theatre performances.

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