Photography Packages

I adapt and tailor the photography package to the needs of the people I am working with. Typical packages often combine video and photography for a total marketing push on an event, show or band. I am often asked to cover not just events but a series of events, classes or workshops. I have also shot on location and promotional materials combining both theatrical and marketing aspects.

I worked in a portrait studio part time over 4 years which taught me to light and shoot manually very quickly while directing clients, making them feel comfortable and adapting to their style and need. It was a great training ground, I worked with a lot of talented people and learned a lot. I like to get the photo in the shot, by which I mean the editing will take place afterwards to adapt but not compensate for the material. I believe a lot in photography relies on timing in the sense of what Henri Cartier-Bresson famously called “the decisive moment”. He went back on that later in life. I still think he got it right the first time.

The packages I offer include:

  • Performance & Events
  • Headshots
  • Installations – from theatrical installations to how to arrange and exhibit your photos
  • Photo editing
  • Workshops – custom tailored to include composition, framing, technique, lighting and editing

I also like to shoot urban and rural landscape, and personally love to get lost in a new city and shoot a bunch of street photography which is a passion of mine. My hero in this realm is Joel Meyerowitz.


I used to work as an assistant to a picture framer, my friend Jack Lloyd of House of Bystander gallery on Beech Road in Chorlton, Manchester. A great custom picture framer and fantastic photographer and photoshopper in his own right. I spent 6 years on and off working with Jack, and learned a lot about composition, framing (literally and figuratively). He still makes the best frames.